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Advanced Learner Loans (Also called 19+ Loans and previously known as 24+ Loans)

Advanced Learner Loans offer a means of a funding source, for your Level 3 or 4 qualifications. This includes both the Certificate and Diploma in Business, IT or Health and Social Care.
With an Advanced Learner Loan, the Government pays your course fees, then you start repaying them only when you are earning £21k+. Whilst earning under this amount you will simply not pay anything back (the loan is written off after 30 years).

  • UK resident for at least 3 years
  • 19 years old or over
  • a UK national / EU national / having an Indefinite Leave to Remain status
  • You don’t need credit checks to be eligible
  • You don’t need credit checks to be eligible
  • Pay nothing back until you are earning £21k+ per year
  • Stop repayments if your income ever drops below £21k
  • Any remaining balance is written off after 30 years

Simply put, if you are or become a high earner (£21k+) then you start paying back what you owe – but if you don’t reach that salary then you don’t pay it back!

This depends on the course you do. The amount borrowed will generally be your course fees. For example:
Level 3 Diploma in Business – £2573.00
Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management – £4170.00
Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management for Health & Social Care – £4670.00

Once earning £21k+ you will repay 9% of the money you earn over and above £21,000.

£20,000 – you would repay nothing each month.
£22,000 – you would repay £7.50 each month
£24,000 – Would pay £22.50 each month

You will first need to call us on +44(0)7770677777 to determine your eligibility.

If you decide that you would like to proceed we will give you a “Qualification & Funding Information Letter” which contains all the information you need to apply.

We will also send you the link to the Government website where you will make your application (you will need your passport or birth certificate and your NI number for this). This usually takes just 10 minutes to complete! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any help in making your loan application.

You could start your course after making your loan application but it’s the learners responsibility to meet the requirements of the student loan company by fulfilling its requirements and get the loan approved as early as possible.