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Become an agent with Us.

The growth of online learning and visa restrictions on International students is not problematic or threatening at all. City College of Birmingham delivers UK University degrees and MBAs online for less than £4000 and with our referral voucher scheme, you can be a part of our recruitment chain. How does it work?

With City College of Birmingham, you can earn a potential commission for every single successful inquiry made through you.

1. Agents hire students to us by direct enrolment or by working with corporate companies large and small.
2. City College of Birmingham delivers a series of short interactive learning modules online, providing a 24/7 student social network and optional online tuition with tutors through webinars and one to one online lessons.
3. Each module has an associated assessment, all of which is taken online.
4. The full programme is then ratified by a set of assignments, which are recognised by OFQUAL UK and therefore by UK Universities.

Our School invites agents and recruitment counselors to partner with us and deliver students by direct enrolment or by functioning with entities large and small to impart skills and give training to their key people with the added benefit of converting to an MBA or University degree.

Write to us to find out more about the range of partnership opportunities we offer.