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Earning a full BA or MBA is a simple and low cost option with our School. Earn your Diploma online with Mortha Halls of Ivy, UK, and then top up to a Bachelors or MBA degree by distance learning or on-campus through a UK University.

Level 3 Programmes will be accepted by most Universities for entry on to their Undergraduate programmes subject to any other entry requirements, such as English Language competency.

Level 4/5 Programmes carry 240 credits and most Universities will accept students for top up onto the final year of an Undergraduate Degree.

Level 6 Programmes will allow students entry onto most university Postgraduate Management Programmes, relevant work experience may also be required.

Level 7 Programmes Many Universities will accept 120 credits as advanced entry onto an MBA top up. It should be noted that Universities with AMBA accredited MBAs will not accept any exemptions but will usually accept Level 6 or Level 7 as entry qualifications.

On completion of an our School course, Students can apply to top-up on campus. All of the academic courses offered by our School are OFQUAL approved, Universities will generally accept the credits awarded to students. For Level 3 programmes students can apply for Undergraduate entry for a full programme, Level 6 programmes will allow entry at most Universities for full time Post Graduate study.

Awarding organisations have direct articulation arrangements with several Universities which give full recognition for entry (Write to us to know more about the different progression routes available). Alternatively students can choose their own University (Write to us about how you could find the ideal University for yourself).

It should be understood by students that these are general guidelines and students should always check the requirements with their preferred University or their local University Agent if they intend to make an application.

Many UK Universities run off campus distance learning programmes and our School will always seek direct arrangements with these universities to accept our students.

Our Awarding Organisations have direct articulation agreements with Universities that operate distance learning programmes.(Click here to see example progression routes)

Students that have successfully completed our awarding organisations Level 5 and Level 7 qualifications in Business Management are eligible to apply for entry at Undergraduate and MBA Top up qualifications delivered by LSM, and awarded by Anglia Ruskin University or the University of Northampton.